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Bridging The Skills Gap

Bridging the Skills Gap

Ofsted requires schools to demonstrate ‘how well learners develop workplace and other skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being’.

Over the last 7 years the IJM Media Group has been working with schools across the region to prepare students for the world of work.

Government and industry reports show that there is a skills gap in the workforce of today and the future, and so by working with primary and secondary schools our aim is to address this gap and motivate and inspire students to ensure they get the best possible start to their careers.

We want to work with schools and give students a positive learning experience whilst helping them to develop important skills for the workplace and their lives. If we can invest time in students now, it will make them more attractive to potential employers as they will have key transferable skills. This is turn will save employers time and money in training and should have a positive effect on the region’s economy.

Through our exciting and stimulating activities, we work with students of all ages and abilities to help them develop valuable skills such as presentation, confidence, communication, teambuilding, working to deadlines, money management and personal learning and thinking skills.